BREAKING NEWS: Tension heightens in Gibraltar waters following another incident

Tension continues in the waters around Gibraltar, with another incident taking place today.

On the east side of Gibraltar, about a mile off shore, a patrol launch from the Royal Gibraltar Police approached a fishing boat. Two Spaniards were undertaking deep-sea fishing, it emerged.

The police requested their documentation, and it so happens that one of them was the subject of an arrest warrant for not having paid a fine for a traffic offence in Gibraltar. The Spanish started to argue that the waters were Spanish, to which the police retorted that the waters belonged to Gibraltar. One of the Spaniards was arrested and spent the night in police cells. The other was allowed to return to Spain were he contacted the authorities there.

Today Friday the arrested Spaniard went before the Magistrates Court
and was freed after being warned.

The incident has inflamed public opinion on the Spanish side of the frontier.

The authorities in Gibraltar have been closely monitoring the 3-mile territorial waters of Gibraltar since the Spanish Government acted on their claim that Gibraltar does not have territorial waters. The British and Gibraltar Governments do not agree with Spain.

Of late, incidents have been on the increase as Spanish police boats, the 'Guardia Civil', have been making incursions into Gibraltar's waters, which has resulted in the Royal Navy having to expel them.