Calpe Rowing Club in Kingston Regatta

Rowers from Calpe Rowing Club recently participated at the 151st annual Kingston Regatta held at Kingston upon Thames on 11 and 12 July. A group of 28 persons including coaches and parents made the trip with both male and female rowers ranging between 12 and 18 years of age.

As ever the organiser’s, Kingston Rowing Club, encouraged the club’s participation and always welcome the club very warmly. Races were rowed beside the town’s centre with the finish line just before Kingston Bridge.

On Saturday 11th the races were rowed for the Kingston Amateur Regatta. These are over a 1000m course and consisted of novice and senior events. In the Men’s events Sean Grech, Sam Vatvani, Paul Montero, Gareth Roman, Mark Lett, Dylan Tilbury, Karim Vatvani, Nicholas Castle and Frank Facio Beanland participated in single, double and quadruple sculls. A total of four crews reached finals with wins coming in the IM3 Single Sculls by Gareth; in the Novice Single Sculls won by Paul; and in the Novice Double Sculls won by Gareth and Mark beating Nicholas and Frank in the process.

The ladies also participating in single, double and quadruple sculls were Stephanie Charvetto, Joanna Baglietto, Caroline Russo, Katie Dudley, Lauren Linares and Ana Lugaro. Similarly good results to the boys were achieved with Katie and Lauren beating Stephanie and Caroline in the Novice Double Sculls final while Stephanie, Katie and Caroline then joined forces with Joanna for another win in the Novice Quadruple sculls finals.

Special mention has to go to Gareth who rowed in three events (a total of eight 1000 m races on the day) with two wins and another final showing his undoubted potential. Lauren, Katie, Anna, Nicholas and Frank who are only 15 years of age also rowed well against older opposition with Lauren and Katie actually winning one and two races respectively.

Sunday races for the Kingston Borough Regatta were restricted to junior events (J12 to J18) over a shorter 500m course. A larger Calpe contingent consisted of Sean Grech, Sam Vatvani, Paul Montero, Gareth Roman, Mark Lett, Karim Vatvani, Dylan Tilbury, Nicholas Castle, Frank Facio Beanland, Julian Wahnon, Adam Massias and Christian Segovia in the Boys’ events and by Stephanie Charvetto, Joanna Baglietto, Caroline Russo, Daniella Dudley, Meenal Viz, Katie Dudley, Lauren Linares, Anna Lugaro, Nadine Villalta, and Georgia Head in the Girls’ events. A great and hectic day’s racing resulted in finalists in 7 main events. There were also 2 finalists in plate events which are held for junior 13 races. The club’s boys had wins in the Junior 13 plate single sculls for Adam; in the Junior 13 plate for double sculls where Adam won with Christian; in the Junior 16 single sculls by Gareth; in the Junior 16 double sculls of Gareth and Mark Lett; and in the Junior quadruple sculls with the crew made up of Gareth, Sean, Sam and Paul. For the girls Katie won the Junior 15 single sculls but there were tight finishes in several of the races.

It was busy weekend’s racing where all Calpe rowers represented themselves and club fantastically well. In fact the Kingston Regatta organiser’s were already enquiring about our next visit.

The club coaches were very happy with the outcome of the weekend. 18 crews got into their respective finals from the 28 events the club competed in with 9 wins being obtained in open events and 2 in the J13 plate events. Several of the events had large entries and some of the races Calpe participated in were won or lost by very tight margins. The older rowers continued gaining valuable experience whilst for some of the younger participants it was their first trip abroad and they will undoubtedly benefit immensely from the racing experience. As always the club wishes to express thanks to their sponsors and the parents of the rowers for their continuing support because without this assistance trips such as this are impossible to organise. The parents help is especially important in this particular weekend in view of the numerous races actually rowed and the tight organisation that is required with races being rowed every 4-5 minutes .

Katie, Lauren, Sean, Sam, Paul, Gareth, Mark, Julian and Adam are now in Nottingham to be joined by university students Andrew Gordon and Sam Cottrell to participate in the National Rowing Championships of Great Britain between 17-19 July. The rowers have been training all year for this event and have high hopes of repeating the successes of previous years. The main objective is to reach the final and gain an option of obtaining a medal. As always corporate sponsors have also made this participation at Kingston and then Nottingham possible.