His Excellency Albert Poggio...

The High Commissioner of Gibraltar was in the Devon area yesterday to celebrate St George's Day, says the newspaper Herald Express.

It adds: His Excellency Albert Poggio will be taken on a tour of the recently re-opened Torre Abbey before speaking at Brixham Yacht Club's annual St George's Day dinner.

He will also be visiting Rock Walk with Cllr Robert Excell and Julian Chandler, then he will visit Royal Torquay Yacht Club, before going to lunch at Torwood Conservative Club, Parkhill Road.

He will round off his trip by meeting Mayor Nick Bye.

*Of course Mr Poggio is not Gibraltar's High Commissioner and it is to be wondered why he should be so addressed. Why did they think in Devon that such is his status?

More so, how come he was addressed as 'His Excellency', a title not accorded even to the Chief Minister of Gibraltar and reserved for the Governor.

Does it mean that someone somewhere thinks 'His Excellency Albert Poggio' is above the Chief Minister?