Spain should take traffic measures on its side of the frontier to minimise traffic measures, says party

Government made clear on Monday when announcing the new ?30 million infrastructure contract related to the airport that one of the aims was to decrease traffic congestion especially when the air strip is in use.

"Of course traffic congestion would also be immeasurably minimised if Spain were to introduce a second green channel and take traffic measures on its side of the border to ease the flow of traffic," said the PDP. "What is the point of creating a new road with four lanes up to the frontier if it ends up by being funnelled into one green channel on the Spanish side? That just means that users will sit in a frontier queue on a brand new road somewhere else."

The Government should make those points firmly to the Spanish delegation at tripartite talks.

It is unbelievable that two years after the Cordoba Agreements and even though the parties agreed to monitor the implementation of the arrangements that Spain has not introduced a second green channel and taken other measures to appropriately direct the flow of traffic towards two green channels.

These are such an obvious set of measures that it can only be concluded that there is no political desire in Spain to alleviate these problems, says PDP leader Keith Azopardi.

He adds: At the conclusion of the recent round of tripartite talks the Chief Minister boasted of his ?ambitious agenda? for the tripartite talks. He would be better placed to set his sights rather lower if he wants to retain credibility or avoid disappointment.

If even the most basic and obvious measures are not taken how can Gibraltar have the necessary confidence that there is a real desire on the part of Spain to take more imaginative and radical steps?