Henry, John, Albert and Tony add up to 150 years

The end of March marks the retirement of one of MoD?s longest-serving employees in Gibraltar. Henry Avellano started work as a fifteen year-old boy in 1966 and has worked for MoD ever since.

After working as a storeman in the dockyard, Henry changed trades to become a driver at the old Fortress Headquarters until its closure in 1991. Since then, Henry has been one of the principal drivers to the Commanding Officer of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and, when he retires at the end of this month, Henry will have completed over 42 years of exemplary service with the MoD.

?Even on my last day I shall be driving around, delivering our post to the Convent, the Naval Base and other places, ?said Henry. ?I think my best times were at the old Fortress headquarters when we were always working with the visiting battalions. We were always busy ? and that?s what I enjoyed.?

In 1982, Henry was awarded the Volunteer Service Medal for his work during the Falklands Campaign. ?Canberra and Uganda were here being converted into troop carriers,? he explained. ?And we were driving 4 tonners loaded with stories down from Lathbury Barracks. We worked almost 24 hours a day until that job was finished.?

Over the last few months, three other MoD employees have retired from Devil's Tower Camp, each with over thirty years of MoD service behind them. John Stevenson, Albert Carreras and Tony Escalona have all given excellent service to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

On completion of 6 years service with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, John Stevenson stayed in Gibraltar and joined the MoD in 1976 ? first with the quartering services and then as a storeman. In 1990 he transferred to the RG where he worked until his retirement in December of last year. In total, John worked for the MoD for over 33 years.

When he finished his national service as an Air Defence gunner, Albert Carreras joined the MoD in 1970, working mainly in the housing department. He began work with the RG?s Accommodation Stores in 1993 and when he retired in December of last year, he had completed more than 37 years of service to the MoD.

Tony Escalona also recently retired after an MoD career of over 38 years. Tony joined the Garrison Transport Section in 1969 where he remained until 1991 when the Fortress Headquarters closed down. After transferring to the RG, Antonio worked as a driver to the CO until his retirement in September 2007.

In total, Henry, John, Albert and Tony gave over 150 years of service to the MoD.