The great re-plumbing project in the hospital

Shadow Minister for Health Neil Costa will ask the Government to list the parts of the hospital building where re-plumbing has taken place and the cost involved at the meeting of Parliament which starts next week.

Mr Costa has tabled over fifty questions for the Government to answer on a wide range of issues relating to his portfolio.

The Opposition spokesman will ask Government to confirm that there has been rainwater penetration at the hospital building at Europort and will want to know what are the areas affected. The Shadow Health Minister will tackle the issue of parking at the Europort hospital. He will ask Government to say whether the arrangements for hospital users to park at Europlaza have now come into effect.

Mr Costa will also ask the Government to say on what date they renewed the contract of the Chief Executive of the Health Authority, and the contracts of other managers, and on what terms. He will also want to establish why the Government is not renewing the contract of Dr Deardon and enquire what is the present employment status of Consultant Mr Malik.

Mr Costa has also tabled a number of questions on the relationship between the GHA and the oxygen treatment centre which opened recently. He will quiz Government on the number of patients that have been referred for treatment at the centre on a monthly basis since the centre opened. Mr Costa will ask the Minister to say what the existing procedure is for persons who are sent by the GHA for treatment at this centre.

The Opposition Health spokesman will quiz Government on the waiting time for a mammogram for women who have been diagnosed as high, medium or low risk. He will also ask what the existing procedure is for couples who are having difficulty in having children and who have been recommended IVF treatment by the GHA. Mr Costa will also want to know how many elderly citizens are waiting for a place at Mount Alvernia and how many of these are occupying beds at St Bernard?s Hospital with a breakdown by sex and age.

He has also tabled a number of questions on sponsored patients, patient referrals to the UK, MRSA infections and the primary care centre, among other issues. He will also ask Government to list the dates between December 2007 to March 2008, on a monthly basis, in respect of which operations at St Bernard?s hospital were cancelled, and to state the reason why in each case.