Completion of Waterport Terraces: When?

Shadow Minister for Housing Charles Bruzon will press the Government on the estimated date of completion of the various phases of Waterport Terraces, as well as other home ownership projects, at the meeting of Parliament with starts next week.

He has tabled a total of 53 questions mainly on housing issues.

He will want to know whether the Government have identified an alternative site for the outstanding balance of 210 rental flats, which are now not scheduled to be constructed opposite HMS Rooke. On the same subject, he will ask the Government how many of the 490 applicants who received letters of allocation in the proposed new Government rental estate have since been offered an existing Government flat and how many have accepted. He will also ask Government to say how many letters were sent to applicants on the pre-list for housing out of the 490 that were actually issued.


The Opposition housing spokesman will also raise the issue of empty Government flats. He has tabled a question to establish how many Government dwellings are presently refurbished and ready for allocation, and will also want to know how many of these dwellings are in the hands of Buildings and Works for refurbishment. He will also ask the Government to say how many flats are currently empty with no work being done in them at present. He will also ask how many Government tenants are currently listed as requiring work to be done in their homes by the housing department as landlords, giving the dates when the defects were first notified by these tenants.

The Shadow Minister for housing has also tabled a series of questions on the housing social and medical waiting lists. HE will quiz the Government on how many applicants have been placed on the social category ?A? list since the end of 2007 and to give the dates. He will also want to know the total number of persons currently on the social category ?A? list. Mr Bruzon will also ask Government to say how many persons have been placed and removed from the various medical housing lists A+, A, B and C and to give the dates

The Opposition spokesman will also address the issue of homeless persons in his questions to the Government. He will ask Government to say how many applications for housing from homeless persons there have been since 2004 and wants to know how many of these were accepted or rejected as a result of the application of new procedures.

He will also ask for details of the sales of Bayview, Cumberland Terraces and Nelson?s View and will ask how many persons have been re-instated in the housing waiting list because of a genuine inability to complete the purchase within any of the Government?s home ownership schemes.