Three doctors in Ceuta congress

Three doctors from the GHA took part last week in the annual congress of SEMES Andalucia (the Spanish Emergency Medicine Society Conference) held in Ceuta.

This year it was held at an international level, with participants from Gibraltar, Spain and South America.

Dr Francisco Moya, Senior Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor in A&E Medicine, Dr Richard Roberts, Clinical Director of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and the A&E, and Professor Gerd Bodner, Clinical Director of Radiology, presented a three part session on the GHA?s Trauma Management Policy.

Dr Moya presented on the Acute Trauma Management: The Gibraltar Model. He focussed on the role of the GHA A&E team, who are the first to resuscitate patients. He outlined the development and implementation to date of the trauma policy within the GHA.

Dr Roberts led the presentation and discussion behind the concepts involved in Advanced Trauma Life-Support which have been developed as a result of observing the results of different medical intervention in those with severe injuries. He talked on the implications for Gibraltar and other communities that require access to specialised services such as Neurosurgical and Cardiac Centres. Professor Bodner presented on the great advantages posed by the availability of CT Scanning and how these results compare with conventional x-rays. The Professor proved conclusively that the availability of CT scanning on a 24-hour basis helps save lives and improves the quality of life for recovering trauma victims.

Health Minister, Yvette Del Agua said: ?The GHA is delighted that members of its medical staff have been invited to share their experiences with very reputable clinicians from other countries. As Minister, I am proud that our staff has been internationally recognised for their clinical innovation here in Gibraltar and for enhancing the quality of medical care for our people?.