Cayman cannot have what Gibraltar has got

The Cayman Islands cannot expect to get the kind of constitutional advance that Gibraltar and Bermuda have. This is the argument that has cropped up as the Caymans seek constitutional change.

Leader of the Cayman Opposition McKeeva Bush denied suggestions from the PPM Government and certain media houses that the former UDP government proposed very similar changes to Cayman?s Constitution as are being proposed now.

While conceding the UDP proposed a constitution that would have given the Cayman Islands more autonomy, Mr. Bush said it would not have put the country on the road to independence. He believes the PPM?s proposed constitutional changes would do so if they are adopted, says a report in the Cayman Compass paper.

He said the arrangements Britain had with Bermuda and Gibraltar were not possible for Cayman.

?Gibraltar is part of the European Union,? he said. ?It?s a much more advanced country. The UK has already said we were not going to get all the same powers as places like Bermuda and Gibraltar.?