EU to probe bunkering in the Strait - after receiving scathing attack against Gibraltar from Spanish ecology group

The EU's committee on petitions is to probe the question of bunkering in the Strait of Gibraltar, following representations made against Gibraltar by the Spanish ecology group Verdemar.

Verdemar had sent a scathing attack on Gibraltar in relation to the New Flame , asking for 'penal responsibilities'. Bunkering also arose.

It is clear from their submission that their point of interest is Gibraltar, although the EU speaks of the Strait of Gibraltar. This would bring into the equation Algeciras, the refinery and Ceuta, and not just Gibraltar.

What the EU will now do is to organise a 'preliminary' investigation on bunkering in this whole area.

The petition has been admitted because it is a matter within the ambit of activities of the European Union.

When another petition was considered by the EU, from two members of the Scottish parliament about the transfer of fuel between ships in the

UK, the EU said that due attention should be paid to the environment, adhering to the corresponding proportionate risks and local circumstances.

It was further stated that the EU does not exclude the holding of economic activities in areas close to conservation zones, but rather that it demands that such activities take into account any potential effect that could be produced over such zones.

Meanwhile the PP party in Andaluc?a has expressed satisfaction that the EU's petition committee should have admitted the petition from Verdemar.

It would appear that the attitude of the EU, and that of Campo ecology groups, differ in approach.

The PP wants an urgent meeting of the tripartite forum over the New Flame crisis' on the grounds that Gibraltar is 'taking the mickey' of the Andalusians, because it has 'no capacity whatsoever' to tackle the situation.