Need to introduce a Widows & Orphans Pension scheme

Extract from Gibraltar Pensioners Association newsletter

In our previous Newsletter we highlighted the need to introduce a Widows & Orphans Pension scheme for existing and ex employees of Government whose pensions end when they die and widows are thereafter not entitled to any part of the Occupational Pension earned by the husband. WE AGAIN HIGHLIGHT THIS VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THIS NEWSLETTER. It should be stressed that this was discontinued by a previous administration in Government. It would be of interest if any politician who was then in Government or anybody else who has any knowledge about this to explain why the system was discontinued. WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU .It is of interest to note that the system was continued for employees in the Ministry of Defence (HM Dockyard etc.) The private sector do not and have never had any such scheme although some companies have insurance policies which do cover the widows in the event of the death of husbands.

We are very encouraged to note, and have said so previously, that the GSD Government have included this important issue in their Election Manifesto and we look forward to see what system our Chief Minister will devise in order to approach this very long standing issue and which is causing anxiety and worry to present pensioners and having a great detrimental effect on the health of widows who previously relied on the pension earned by husbands.