The disappearing of Sandy Bay and the threat to the flats at Both Worlds

There is a real threat to Sandy Bay and the flats on Both Worlds, says the Opposition, but the Government are doing nothing about it, even though they have an environmental impact assessment in their possession since January.

Complaints from residents of Catalan Bay and Both Worlds are also being made about the nuisance posed by the apes running rampant in the area which continue to flood the offices of the Opposition at Watergardens.


The latest complainant has informed the Opposition that a lady was attacked by apes at Both Worlds and that one of the bags she was carrying was snatched away by one of the apes. Another complainant talks of delivery vans being invaded by apes as they drive through with much of the merchandise carried destroyed or thrown out of the van. Reports of apes entering homes also continue to reach us.

The GSD said during the election campaign that they would continue to monitor and control the ape population so that they would cease to pose a nuisance or a danger to citizens.

Over five months have gone by since then and things seem to be getting worse on the East Side, not better.


The GSLP/Libs add that they are also concerned about "the general neglect that is evident between the Caleta Hotel and Both Worlds, a promenade that is used by tourists and residents alike. Here there has been talk for a long time about evidence of vandalism, which there clearly is, but nothing is being done to combat or eradicate it."

The whole area behind the balustrade is also strewn with rubbish, with seagulls and rats feeding off the remains left behind by the apes.

Although there is clearly vandalism taking place, the state of disrepair of the balustrade is seemingly the result of the poor design and workmanship employed by the Government in erecting it, the absence of iron girders to support the concrete slabs bring evidence of this.

The Opposition understands that Minister Ernest Britto, who previously had responsibility for the works carried out in this area, was warned of this and that he turned a deaf ear.


Finally, and by no means least, the Opposition is very concerned at the practically total disappearance of Sandy Bay and the effects this is having in destabilising the apartments at Both Worlds. A recent communiqu? from the Government described this state of affairs as ?storm damage?, giving the impression that this is a temporary impasse. This might be true of Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay, where erosion from the sea has caused the collapse of a small car park adjacent to the road leading to the beach on the South Side.

The Government know that Sandy Bay needs special attention and capital works, if it is to survive, because since January this year they have an Environmental Impact Assessment Report in their possession which warns of the disappearance of the beach and the undermining of the Both Worlds apartments if there is more extraction of sand from the sea in the area. It appears, however, that even without more extractions of sand, there is already a need to carry out coastal protection works.

Opposition member, Fabian Picardo, said: ?I have personally gone to the East Side to check the complaints brought to us by citizens and have been shocked by the general neglect. There is a need for remedial action to be taken now, particularly as it concerns the state of erosion from the sea off Sandy Bay and the threat this poses to those that have purchased flats at Both Worlds?.