Statutory rents rise by 100% in June

The Housing Act 2007 which received Royal Assent in July 2007 will commence on the 1st June 2008, when Statutory Rents rise, with effect from that date, by 100%.

Private sector tenants are reminded that they will be eligible to apply for rent assistance from the Government under its rent relief scheme.

The Housing Ministry will make a separate detailed announcement about this during the next few weeks.

The commencement will not yet apply to buildings constructed between 1st January 1945 and 1st March 1959. This is due to the fact that the Government is awaiting the outcome of a court ruling in a case between a private landlord and a private tenant.

Housing Minister Fabian Vinet said: ?This legislation modernises all aspects of housing legislation in Gibraltar and results in all Gibraltar?s Housing legislation being consolidated in one Housing Act. However, it also introduces many new aspects, including the setting up of a new Housing tribunal and, importantly, enables the Government to introduce Anti-Social Behaviour Regulations in all housing areas.?