'Inexcusable' delays in allocating flats

Last July the Government invited applications for the allocation of approximately 80 flats that remained available for purchase within the OEM housing schemes, however the PDP says it understands from information it has received that applicants have not received answers from OEM. It is unclear whether the additional flats have been allocated or not.

Given that the Government has now taken these housing developments over the PDP asks Government to ensure that any available flats are allocated and applicants answered promptly, they say.

And they add: It has already been 6 months from the closing date for those applications and further delay is inexcusable.

Additionally the questions posed by the PDP in relation to the cost to the tax-payer of Government taking over the developments and whether these will continue as

Government developments or not remain unanswered. The PDP urge Government to make a clear statement of its intentions on these matters.

?These projects were originally scheduled for completion in September 2007. Much like Waterport Terraces they have been plagued by delays and the added dimension of the inability of OEM to proceed with the schemes. Given the much publicised need to provide genuinely affordable housing for our people the Government must do much more to ensure the prompt completion of these and that satisfactory updates of intended completion dates are given to purchasers. The same issues arise with Waterport Terraces where insufficient information is being given? said PDP leader Keith Azopardi.