Minister highlights importance of education at awards ceremony

Education minister Clive Beltran took part yesterday evening in an awards presentation to Gibraltar College students who have been successful in their Chartered Management Institute certificate and diploma studies.

"I have no doubt that we can be justly proud of our educational system which has been developing and improving over the years through the dedication of professionals at all levels, through wise planning and also investment on the part of Governments and administrations and above all supportive commitment of teachers, parents, students and the community as a whole including, of course, employers," he said in a speech.

As far as the Gibraltar College is concerned, whether it be as part of the full-time courses that it offers or by providing additional part-time or continuing education programmes, it is committed to providing suitable courses to meet the identified professional needs of the local adult community in specified niche market areas. The Chartered Management Institute courses are an example of this commitment, he said.

And he went on: "In the Global Financial Centres index published recently by the City of London, Gibraltar is ranked 26th in a list of 69 leading finance centres around the world. A recurring theme amongst those responsible for setting up the list was the importance of the skills base available in each financial centre, a factor that is seen as a critical element of success, ?the single greatest multiplier in all other aspects of successful business?.

"Only last week at the launch of the Gibraltar European Regional Development Fund Programme, one of the overall strategic goals of the programme that was highlighted was ?to promote a knowledge-based society?.

"There is no doubt that education is fundamental, not only to the cognitive development and socialisation of young people but also very much in the wider community sense as a major contributor to sustainable economic growth, competitiveness, employment and the encouragement of enterprise."

He went on to congratulate the students for their continuing success and the College Management and tutors for making it possible.