Spain's position on territorial waters 'unsustainable', says CM

The Chief Minister Peter Caruana says that Spain's position on territorial waters is 'unsustainable'.

He told MPs in the foreign affairs committee yesterday that the underlying territorial issue is that Spain claims that Gibraltar has no territorial waters, "something which is unsustainable because there is a 1952 UN convention on territorial waters which gives every spot in the planet the treaty right to territorial waters..."

In his address yesterday, Mr Caruana added that Spain subscribes to the UN convention having made no reservation whatsoever in relation to the Gibraltar question.

"So international law makes Spain's denial of territorial waters completely unsustainable in law,he added.

*Indeed, countries can claim a minimum of 12 miles, demarcated by a median line where there is an overlap of those rights. In Gibraltar's case Britain has only claimed 3 miles for Gibraltar.