Storm damage at the beaches comes at critical time

Gibraltar?s beaches have been hard hit by the extreme weather conditions that Gibraltar has experienced over the last couple of weeks. And it comes at a critical time, given the approaching summer season.

The worst hit has been Sandy Bay and in particular the frontage of the beach facilities there, with part of the walkway being washed away and the fabric of the building housing the changing rooms suffering damage. The beach has suffered serious deterioration and this will hinder any remedial works required to restore the area.

About a quarter of the beach area at Catalan Bay has also been covered by rocks, washed up by the wave action and these will have to be removed before the beach can be restored to normality. The timing for this restoration is critical.

All Gibraltar?s beaches are affected by shifting weather systems that can either bring or take sand from the beaches and this cyclical pattern is impossible to predict.

This presents problems, as it is impossible to plan too far ahead in some areas or refurbishment works as the facilities can easily be destroyed by more inclement weather common at this time of the year.

The Gibraltar Tourist Board and the Government?s Technical Services Department are currently assessing the damage and will work towards finding solutions providing the best possible facilities at Gibraltar?s beaches for the coming season.