Superintendent at command course

Superintendent Jay Gomez has recently returned to Gibraltar after having attended the Strategic Command Course (SCC) held at Bramshill Police Staff College in the United Kingdom.

SCC course drew participants from the UK's Her Majesty?s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Royal Mail, Royal Air Force, and Garda Siochana from Ireland and the French Gendarmerie Nationale.

The SCC is designed to focus on the specific role and requirements of an Assistant Chief Constable and above. It is intended to enable participants to share their experiences and ideas with other capable leaders, reflect upon and refine their leadership platform and enhance their operational and strategic capability in preparation for their new role. The ability to work as an effective leader and team member is vital and the course is designed to give opportunities to practise and develop these skills.

Superintendent Gomez graduated with a Law Degree from the Open University in 2003 and a Masters from Durham University in 2007. He previously completed various modules from the Leadership Development Programme at the Staff College.

The course commenced in October 2007 and concluded with an awards ceremony in January at which Sir Ronnie Flanagan, Her Majesty?s Chief Inspector of Constabulary presented Superintendent Gomez and the other successful participants with the course certificate, it has now been annouced by the RGP.

He conducted research into Police Governance and Democracy and submitted a research document that examined the British Colonial policing model compared against the current model in use in Gibraltar, discussing issues of governance and community involvement drawing parallels with UK policing issues.

This research document, and those prepared by other course participants who selected the same topic, were condensed into a single document and he, and his group, presented their conclusions to Mr Denis O?Connor,one of HM's Inspectors of Constabulary at a plenary session of the SCC at the Scottish Police College at Tullialan Castle where the Leadership Modules were held.

Mr O?Connor was pleased with the work conducted and arranged for the group to deliver their presentation to Sir Ronnie Flanagan at the Home Office in London. Sir Ronnie commented that he was impressed with the work conducted and it would form the Green Paper on Policing to be issued by the UK Government.

Superintendent Gomez and two other participants also attended a week's organisational attachment at De La Rue in Hampshire where they were able to witness at close hand the complexities and similarities between a policing service and a private sector company.

?Attendance at such a prestigous and sought after course only comes once in your career so I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity. It is a long time to be away from Gibraltar. These unique learning and developmental opportunities have allowed me to refocus my efforts of ensuring that Gibraltar continues to receive an excellent policing service that effectively delivers what the community wants. It is clear that to do so a policing service must be in a continuous phase of ?permanent reform? in which we have the capability to respond to the increasing demands made of us,? he said.

The Commissioner of Police says he is ?extremely pleased that Superintendent Gomez has successfully completed the Strategic Command Course and has now returned to Gibraltar. It is important for the community that if we as a Service are to provide optimum levels of leadership our senior officers are exposed to learning and developmental programmes that seek to maximise their potential.

"As part of the succession planning for the Service it is of the utmost importance that there is a cadre of well developed, capable and professional Officers to lead the Service in the future. That is why Superintendent Gomez has attended the SCC and why Superintendent Yome and future Superintendents will do likewise.

"The opportunity to attend a prestigious and sought after course is a unique occasion during which participants are able to focus on their leadership and developmental platforms to better deliver an excellent policing service to the community. At the end of the day it is precisely that with which we are tasked and the ultimate reason for the existence of the Police Service.?