Ship breaks in two, Spanish authorities plan action

The stricken cargo ship 'New Flame', which this morning was sinking off Europa Point Gibraltar, later broke in two. The ship had been grounded following a collision with another vessel in August.
With a salvage tug in the area, half the ship is now expected to sink. The ship was carrying over 40 tons of scrap from New York to Turkey when it collided.
The Spanish authorities nearby claim that fuel oil found on two beaches in the Algeciras area on the other side of the bay proceed from the New Flame, but this is rejected by the Gibraltar Government.
But a spokesperson from the Andalusian regional government, the Junta, said they plan to take legal action against the Gibraltar government.
The Cadiz MP, Salvador de la Encina, has accused the Gibraltar goverment of not having acted in an efficient manner in dealing with the stricken ship since last August.
Spanish ecologists say that their fears have been realised, with the ship going down in bad weather affecting the area of the Strait of Gibraltar.