Flat out at the Bastion

Soldiers of 150 (Yorkshire) Transport Regiment have spent a day of their exercise time in Gibraltar carrying out repairs and refurbishment tasks on Flat Bastion Magazine.

The magazine which is looked after by local history and geology enthusiast Freddie Gomez, dates back at least to 1873 (this date taken from above one of the doorways) although Freddie believes it to be some what older than this and was used to store and re-supply the gun battery?s with black powder.

The building that Freddie says is unique has stood the test of time remarkably well. Volunteers worked on refurbishing the fire step, from which defenders dominated the upper approaches to the magazine and several holes and cracks to the roof, which had the potential to lead to major water damage. At the front, they prepared and painted the railings, pillars and wall as well as replacing the letter box.

The Regiment has just left Gibraltar after a two-week period of training in which they enjoyed all the unique features that the Rock has to offer. The exercise was in some doubt until the last minute as soldiers are recruited from Doncaster and Hull, 2 areas of Yorkshire that have very recently been heavily affepcted by the recent flooding.

A spokesman for the Regiment praised those who carried on with the exercise in spite of leaving behind an uncertain situation in the UK, the enthusiasm and skill with which they tackled the repair tasks on the magazine.