Report about young boy kidnapped DENIED

Gibraltar has been alerted about a young boy having been on the verge of being kidnapped in a new supermarket in the Atunara in La Linea.

An email is now circulating widely which gives details of the alleged incident.The email is said to have been received from Spain.

However, the report has been denied by Prodeni Campo de Gibraltar, which looks after the interests of children,who say that Spanish police also deny it.

The email allegations were as follows: "A mother had taken taken her young son shopping with her to the new supermarket in the Atunara in La Linea. Whilst doing her shopping she turned round only to find out her son had disappeared from her sight.

At that time the supermarket was not very busy so she started to look round for him.

The email adds that after a few seconds she started shouting out for him, the security guard heard her and assisted her in looking for him.

When they could not see him in the supermarket, and after they checked outside, the security guard ordered for the shop to close and for no-one to come out. After a short while, they found the little boy in the toilets, with his head shaven and with changed clothes.

A witness said they had seen two individuals who looked like "South Americans" run out of the shop a few minutes earlier. Apparently the boy was being prepared to be taken away."

Many emails about this incident are now circulating in Gibraltar, which add: "Please be aware and keep a close eye on your children at all times, whether in the area or not. Please pass this round to as many people as you can."

But 'Prodeni Campo de Gibraltar' says all this is false. "Talking to the National Police Commissioner they have also investigated with negative result. There's no evidence of any child lost or any mother making any complaint about anything of the sort."