Getting ready for next production

The GADA annual joint production is currently being prepared for late September.

The play chosen this year is the comedy ?Anyone For Breakfast? by Derek Benfield. It will be directed for GADA by Trevor Guilliano of Stage Musicals Group.

Briefly, when Shirley?s good friend Jane decides to make an assignation with a young man she has met at the squash club, helpful Shirley is only too happy to lend her house to Jane for the purpose, as this leaves Shirley free to spend the evening with the object of her affection-Jane?s husband Roger! But when Shirley?s husband arrives home unexpectedly with a pretty German air hostess in tow, later to be followed by Roger arriving to visit Shirley, the scene is set for an evening and a morning of riotous misunderstandings as the many guilty parties try desperately to keep their secrets secret. By the end of the merry comedy of marital mishaps we realize that the complications and confrontations-far from ending-are only just beginning.

Auditions will be taking part on the 27th, 28th February and 1st of March at 7.30 at the GADA premises. Call backs are then planned for the 7th March 07.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the play or helping out are asked to come down on any of those dates. Rehearsals are planned to start around mid March.