Gibraltarian to lead UN group

The United Nations practice of designating International Decades to draw attention to major issues and to encourage international action on questions of global importance began in 1985.

With the world facing a multitude of environmental problems and challenges (including over-consumption, biodiversity loss, food and water shortages, inefficient use of energy, pollution, global warming and climate change) it seems timely to have a decade in which the global community will focus on education for sustainable development.

The years 2005-2014 have been declared as the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. This UN Decade will provide a platform for people from all walks of life to share experiences and learn what sustainable development means for their lives.

To monitor progress during the Decade, a set of indicators will be developed by a team of experts from across the globe. A Gibraltarian, Professor Daniella Tilbury has been asked to lead this group which will develop a tool for assessing progress during the Decade. Daniella will be working with UN agencies as well as UNESCO National Commissions and representatives from global institutions such as IUCN to achieve this.

Daniella is the Director of the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainable Development (ARIES), a multi-million dollar research institute funded by the Australian Government. Daniella was born and educated in Gibraltar.