A 'Yes' vote not in Gibraltar's best interest, say Marilou Guerrero and Leo Olivero

Text of Press release announcing their resignation from the PDP:"It is with regret that we, the undersigned, inform the public that we have resigned as executive members of the Progressive Democratic Party.

This has not been an easy decision to make

The Constitutional Referendum, we both believe, is a crucial issue for Gibraltar, and we disagree with the way the Party Line has been handled.

There was majority agreement at first that, imperfect as the draft was, it was nevertheless progress, and so the PDP should advocate a Yes vote and we both agreed with this.

However, following the Preamble and Despatch and other information that has come to light since, reservations and then doubts have arisen, and, for many, has now become a firm conviction that a Yes vote is not in the best interest of Gibraltar. We, the undersigned, do not believe that any decision should be cast in stone; everyone is entitled to have a change of mind, and should be honest enough to admit it and free to say so.

There are few times when the people of Gibraltar are allowed to have a say in issues that concern them, apart from voting at elections. This is one time when they can, and there is a great deal of confusion and people are looking for guidance. When making this important choice, the only consideration should be what they believe to be in the best interest of Gibraltar. Nothing else.

We feel very strongly that we cannot, in all honesty, keep silent and go with the Party Line, when we have such strong convictions. This would be lying by omission. We cannot start our political careers by asking people to vote in the way our party line is advocating when we ourselves will not do so because we believe it is wrong.

We have therefore, taken the painful decision to leave the party we have helped to found so we can be truthful with people and true to our principles and beliefs.

We wish the PDP every success for the future.

We will be offering our support to the SDGG, a group to which Marilou has belonged to and campaigned with since its inception, and with whose sentiments we fully agree."