The whole of Gibraltar needs to unite, before it is too late

The Chief Minister has reached yet another agreement with the Spanish Government, and the whole of Gibraltar needs to unite on this issue before it is too late, says the United Nations Association.

Several years ago Gibraltar experienced a Spanish fishermen conflict where the fishermen decided to take control of the Spanish side of the frontier and block any none Spanish nationals from crossing. This created a reaction from citizens of Gibraltar turning up at the frontier to counteract the Spanish fishermen's actions and the frontier grinded to a total halt with no one being able to cross either way.

The UNA Gibraltar's president Bryan Zammit had to intervene as the main mediator as neither side wanted to deal with politicians, Mr. Zammit together with plain clothed Guardia Civil officers started to cross back to Gibraltar some very scared Gibraltarians, in turn return Spaniards and tourist to Spain. The whole fiasco lasted until the early hours of the morning where eventually everything returned to normality.


Our Chief Minister at the time Mr. Peter Caruana came out with a public statement saying that he had reached an agreement with the Spanish government allowing the Spanish fishermen to fish in Gibraltar waters on the conditions of Spain allowing a free flowing frontier. Several years have passed and as everyone knows the Spanish fishermen continue to fish in our waters but the frontier continues to be on a go slow, with no action or reaction from our government.

"The point we are getting to is that The Chief Minister has reached yet another agreement with the Spanish Government this time to allow more flights and to even have a new terminal built allowing people that want to travel into Spain to go direct through a Spanish custom clearance, yet the queues at the frontier continue. Due to the extremely flawed Spanish Fishermen agreement and the continued lack of cooperation at the frontier, we the UNA Gibraltar find it totally unbelievable that the Spanish Government will ever change their attitude towards Gibraltar and its people and the only thing that Gibraltar will achieve from the airport agreement will be virtual standstills of traffic within Gibraltar and even longer waiting times to enter or leave Gibraltar, due to having our main road into and out of Spain across the only runway strip we have," they say in a statement. "It is understood that in just a few weeks flights will start from Madrid and Barcelona and soon after to Ireland (Dublin and Cork) Gibraltar can not afford to have any extra flights until the restructure of the roads, traffic and new frontier entry point is built and in operation."


Mr Zammitt adds: We know that our comments will receive a negative response (if any at all) from the Government, as unfortunately we have a government in power that does not take constructive criticism well, especially our Chief Minister. The UNA Gibraltar are asking our Government to request full guarantees in writing from the Spanish Government that the frontier fiasco should be sorted out immediately prior to any other agreement being put into action and furthermore monitor the situation during the period of time that we are restructuring our traffic and roads and frontier, which I should imagine at the speed it normally takes, should be more than adequate time to see how serious the Spanish Government really are on progressing in a positive manner with Gibraltar.

"We can not stress enough how important this is. The whole of Gibraltar need to unite on this issue before it is too late and we see our homeland come to a grinding halt. This agreement sounds great in theory but Gibraltar does not have the infrastructure in place nor do we have the cooperation of the Spanish government to make this work," said UNA Gibraltar.