Decision welcomed

The Gibraltar Government says it warmly welcomes the European Court of Justices ruling this morning in favour of the UK, in the action brought by Spain relating to the arrangement's made by the UK' to enfranchise Gibraltar at European Parliamentary Elections.

On the question of the enfranchisement in Gibraltar of Commonwealth Citizen the Court ruled that the UK was entitled to do so. Particularly pleasing was the Court's dismissal of Spain's argument that the voting arrangements infringed Gibraltar's international status and Annex 1 to the 1976 Act in that it contains legislation relating to the territory of Gibraltar.

The Court ruled that UK could indeed only comply with the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights by enfranchising the people of Gibraltar "as a resident of Gibraltar" and by virtue of the territory in which we reside. In other words that the UK was entitled , as she did, to enfranchise both the people and the territory of Gibraltar.

The outcome of this case now definitively brings these issues to a conclusion in totally satisfactory terms for Gibraltar.