Spain Unworthy of a UN Security Council Seat!

Leo Olivero
The UN Security Council is the primary organ of the United Nations with responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. Its duties include taking military action against aggressors and investigating disputes or situations likely to lead to international frictions. The Security Council has the power to make binding resolutions and may adopt legally binding measures in order to maintain or restore international peace Ė including the use of armed forces.

Generally, Gibraltar does not pay much attention to the UN Security Council and the goings at the top UN Assembly. Of course we are much more familiar with the UN Committee of 24 and the Fourth Committee when a twice a year they are addressed by the Chief Minister who does his best to push Gibraltarís decolonisation case along.

Local Interest Generated in Contest For UN Security Council Seat

This year however, interest has been generated in the selection of 5 new temporary seats to the 15 UN Security Council top table which will be held tomorrow and where Spain is one of the five candidates.

The Government of Spain, in particular the last 2 years, has spent vast amounts of money in an intense lobbying campaign to secure, or buy votes from UN memberís states to ensure, they get the required number of votes to secure the prized seat.

Locally, it canít be a massive secret that most people in Gibraltar do not want Spain anywhere near the UN Security Councilís top table. The Rock is hoping the Spanish Governments efforts will be a flop and Spain relegated or kept firmly seated on their ordinary UN memberís chair. Even though they will continue to be the two times a year pain in the bum to Gibraltar, but this is something which we have learned to live with and have become quite immune to, especially after listening to over 50 year of Spanish diatribe and lies at the C24 and Fourth Committee sessions.