Gibraltar university project next year

A project for a university in Gibraltar is on course by next year. That is the good news from minister of education Gilbert Licudi. The Government wants to model the Gibraltar university on the successful university established in the Seychelles - and Mr Licudi has obtained the backing of the President of that country, writes JOE GARCIA.

In fact, the minister has been to the Seychelles and met with President James Michel who said: “I am pleased that we can share our experience of setting up the University of Seychelles with the government of Gibraltar.”

President Michel added that there are many common challenges: “We can build partnerships and exchanges together which will increase the quality of education and ensure that our young people have better access to high education.”

Mr Licudi and his delegation are in the country essentially to seek assistance in the establishment of a university in Gibraltar. He met the President at a special meeting in the State House.


Minister Licudi said that the Government wants to establish Gibraltar as a centre of excellence in education in the Mediterranean. He said that there is already a School of Health offering undergraduate studies in Gibraltar, and the aim is to incorporate that in the University. He added that they intend to partner with many universities as Seychelles has done.

“We are very glad to have been extended an invitation to come to the Seychelles to speak to the people to set up the University, to speak to some government officials and the President….It’s a project which is on course by next year, and we want to know how it was done and how it will work in Gibraltar, because of the challenges that are particularly faced in a small place like Seychelles and Gibraltar,” said Mr Licudi. What Seychelles offers us is the fact that they have been through it, they’ve done it. The Seychelles already have a fully-fledged established University “and we want to know exactly how they did it so we can learn from them,“ said Mr. Licudi.

* The meeting was also attended by the Minister for Environment and Energy who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, Professor Rolph Payet; the Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon; British High Commissioner to Seychelles, Mrs. Lindsay Skoll; Vice Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, Professor Dennis Hardy, and Consultant to Minister Licudi, Dr Darren Fa.