Storm brewing over which
football team should go into the
UEFA Europa League

GFA warned that if they go back on their word there will be a call for their resignation
by PANORAMA reporter
A storm is brewing as to which team should take part in the Europa League, the league's runner-up or the losing team in the 'Rock Cup' final? This is because the same team, Lincoln Red Imps, have won the double, that is, the GFA league and the 'Rock Cup'.

It is being recalled that the GFA sent an email to all clubs at the start of the season saying that if the league winner also wins the Rock Cup then the league's runner-up would go to the Europa League.

The storm has made it to he social network, with the warning: If they (the GFA) go back on their decision not only will they receive a law suit but also a call for the resignation of all the GFA council members.

The league's runner-up was Manchester 62. Some say that according to the rule communicated by the GFA that it is they, Manchester 62, who should go on to the UEFA Europa league.

It appears others are suggesting that it is the other Rock Cup finalist, College Europa (who lost), who should go forward. Of course, if College Europa had won the Rock Cup they would have gone forward into the UEFA Europa League as cup winners, given the rule communicated to clubs.

This is the rule communicated to all clubs at the start of the season:

The UEFA Executive Committee has today approved Gibraltarís participation in European club competitions for next season (2014/15).

- There will be ONE participant in the UEFA Champions League (the league champions).

- There will be ONE participant in the UEFA Europa League (the cup winners).

- Should the same club win both league and cup, the UEFA Europa League spot will be given over to the league runner-up.

Said someone: GFA should respect what they announced. They could change it next season but surely they have to respect what they announced for this season. I'd understand Manchester 62 if they don't play the next match as protest.

Another person said: The last paragraph makes it pretty clear to me.

Another person explained: It all depends what UEFA regulations say, if it gives the GFA the authority to decide then obviously it should be Manchester but if the regulations say that it should be the cup runner up then the GFA will have no choice but to go back on their word and College should go... Please check the UEFA page where it already congratulates Manchester62 on Europa League, it cannot get simpler than that.

Indeed, anyone who goes to it says Lincoln is Gibraltar's first representative in the Champions league. There is no dispute about that. The row is centred as to who goes into the UEFA Europa league given that Lincoln has won both the League and the Cup.

Said someone: It would be interesting to know what the regulations say, as it stands now it's Manchester that should go as that is what the GFA said at the beginning therefore I don't know why all this hassle now, eveyone knew from the start what was agreed.

Before this row spills over any more, the GFA ought to come out stating in clear terms and without delay what is their position about who is entitled to go forward into the UEFA Europa League.


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