IRA taunts over Ireland
v Gibraltar clash

What the media says
SINN Fein president Gerry Adams has been targeted with taunts that the Ireland soccer team will lose 3-0 in Gibraltar “just like 1988”.

Three IRA republicans — Daniel McCann (30), Sean Savage (24), and Mairead Farrell (31) — were shot dead in Gibraltar during a reconnaissance bombing mission in March 1988, reports the Irish Daily Star.

It adds: Ireland’s first home game in the Euro 2016 qualifying push is against Gibraltar in October — and they’re kicking off preparations with a friendly against Serbia on Wednesday.

Adams was targeted amid controversial calls from former Sinn Fein politician Christy Burke, for Ireland players to wear black armbands in the tie.

In online Twitter forum #AskAdams, the veteran politician was hit with comments like: “Bang bang bang SAS 3 IRA 0. Gibraltar! What did you think of that result Gerry?”

Another asked: “Are you a bit worried that Ireland got drawn in the same group as Gibraltar in the Euros after your 3-0 defeat there?”

Sinn Fein said they are aware of the comments and are looking into them, said the report.