Fleas close down school

Westside school has been closed down to tackle a flea problem of 21st century proportions.

The news reached PANORAMA early yesterday that school girls were sitting it out in the patio because of the fleas.

We asked the Government about it and yesterday afternoon they issued a statement saying that they had taken the decision to close Westside School today to enable the Environmental Agency to tackle the flea infestation which has been affecting the school since last Monday.

The statement adds: "On that day, the area of the school affected was evacuated, fumigated by the Environmental Agency and the whole school cleaned with strong disinfectant.

This failed to contain the problem and a further fumigation was carried out the following day.

"Given that the infestation was still spreading, the Government has decided to arrange for a complete and thorough fumigation and cleaning of all areas in the school to be carried out today and during the weekend.

"This measure has been necessary on health grounds and the Government regrets having to close the school at short notice but feels this is in the best interest of all concerned.

"The infestation has been identified as emanating from stray cats in the vicinity of the school. The Cat Welfare Society has been contacted to take the necessary action to eliminate this problem.

"The school will open as normal on Monday 3rd July."