Bayside School wants to combat bullying

As part of an on-going policy of developing the school?s strategies to improve discipline and combat bullying, an in-service training day has been held at Bayside Comprehensive School.

The first part of the day consisted of a review of the recently updated Behaviour Management Policy led by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mr C Skinner. This also included an update on developments in the personal, social and health education programme by Ms M Noguera.

The main focus of the day was, however, on the issue of bullying. Ms P Orfila began by presenting the results of a student survey, which provided insights in to the level and types of bullying encountered in the school. This was followed by a series of talks from a variety of speakers who all addressed the same issue from their own perspective. The speakers were as follows:? Mrs S Payas (Education Adviser)? Inspector I McGrail and PC J Macedo (Royal Gibraltar Police)? Ms P Rodriguez (Citizens Advice Bureau)? Ms C Nessar (Women in Need)? Dr S Higgs (Consultant Paediatrician, St Bernard?s Hospital) ? Mr L Roberts (Childline Gibraltar) Building on the information, ideas and advice gathered, the school?s anti-bullying policy strategies will be further developed and their impact will be monitored and assessed over the next academic year.