GHA at one-day conference

The Chief Executive of the GHA, Dr David McCutcheon and the GHA Finance Director, Mr Ernest Lima, together with the Chief Executive Officers of the Health Services for the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey are meeting in Jersey for a one day Conference.

Other senior officers from some of the island jurisdictions are attending also. Last year?s Conference was held in Gibraltar. The event is taking place in the Education Centre at the Jersey General Hospital.

The purpose of the Conference is to share matters of concern which affect all of the jurisdictions? health care systems. The major focus this year will be on the implications of the General Medical Council?s revalidation and licence to practice regulations for doctors. The regulations were originally drafted for the United Kingdom, that is the NHS, but the GMC have now been made aware that because of the short-sightness of the original draft proposals, the proposed regulations would not fit the four jurisdictions which are not part of the NHS.

In the field of health and social services, it is becoming increasingly clear that when the UK passes laws ? or statuary bodies in the UK make regulations and orders ? the implications for health and social care systems in Gibraltar and the island jurisdictions are sometimes either forgotten or not taken fully into account. What this means is that, entirely by accident, barriers can be erected which prevent the recruitment and retention of highly skilled health and social care practitioners particularly doctors. It is then necessary to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to remedy these ?accidents?. By participating in this Conference, the GHA Senior Management representatives will be influencing decisions of common policy to be adopted to tackle this problem at source.

Mr McCutcheon and Mr Lima, will also be visiting Jersey?s mental health services and the visit will include a briefing on their state of the art acute mental health facility, Orchard House, which opened only a few weeks ago.