The GHA is wrong, says Consultant Radiologist whose contract was terminated last week

Statement by Dr Isaac Hassan FRCR:
"I robustly rebut the allegations in the GHA public statement and am dismayed by its blatant disregard of the best interests of patients and staff.

I am 57 years old and returned to Gibraltar in January after 32 unblemished years in medical practice in the United Kingdom. I was appointed Consultant Radiologist in the Royal Bolton Hospital in 1984 and its Clinical Director of Radiology in 2003 leading a team of 12 Consultant Radiologists, 6 Specialist Registrars and over 70 radiographers and serving a population of 280,000. I was appointed Senior Consultant Radiologist earlier this year by the GHA in a strong field of applicants and hoped to give the people of Gibraltar the benefits of my wide experience in Radiology.

"These are educational and not management issues - points that the GHA management have refused to understand. The GHA is wrong to believe that discrepancy or variation does not occur in the reporting of complex CT scans. As in other medical specialities, there will be differences of opinion in many cases, a fact endorsed by the Royal College of Radiologists.

"I welcome the independent review of the scans of patients of the GHA and would have wished that they had been approached in a more discreet and less stressful manner. From my short time with the GHA, I am certain that many other procedures and practices, both medical and administrative, require in-depth reviews; this must be done in a more professional way.

I returned to Gibraltar to serve the community. For legal reasons I cannot comment further and reserve all my rights."