The Closed and Open of pensions

The Open and the Closed of pension funds is shown in these tables, which we have obtained from official sources. Matters get more complicated when the Open and the Closed funds come into the picture.

No wonder they are taking so long to work out what applies to whom when it comes to pensions.

Must have foxed the tripartite negotiators.

Put under close scrutiny, you open up a wealth of data about the number of pensioners and their nationalities.

The Open fund, and the Open plus Closed funds, provide almost equal numbers.

Then there is the Closed fund all by itself, where numbers are highest.

The latest for the Closed fund is that there were 5910 pre-1969 Spanish pensioners in May, being less than in April and again less than in March.

British pensioners (that's us) totalled just over 5000, with numbers increasing every month.

Then there are 1698 Moroccans, also increasing, as well as 478 other nationalities, also increasing.

The grand total is over 13,000.