Opposition welcomes military Governor

The Opposition says it welcomes the appointment of Lieutenant General Sir Robert Fulton KBE, as the new Governor of Gibraltar.

Notwithstanding the fact that Sir Francis and Lady Richards have proved to be excellent, in the best tradition of some of our best Governors of the past, it has been the long-held view of the Opposition that as a general rule Gibraltar?s best interests are served by the Governor being an individual with a military background.

It will be recalled that when Sir Francis Richards was formally sworn in at the House of Assembly on arrival, the Leader of the Opposition in welcoming him made the point that he hoped that when it came to defending Gibraltar?s interests he would behave like a Green Jacket. This was a reference to his past military background.

The Opposition has made this point that "we prefer military Governors on the appointment of previous civilian Governors, both publicly and directly to HMG, and that was also the position in Government."

The Opposition believes that as Commander-in-Chief, the Governor of Gibraltar is better suited for that role if he comes directly from some branch of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom. This means that he is better equipped, given his military background, to appreciate the continuing value of the Gibraltar facilities for the defence and security of the United Kingdom.