Rock Motors works stopped

A person who wishes to remain anonymous has complained to the factory inspector about the way works are being carried out on the roof of Rock Motors at Queensway, noting that asbestos might be involved.

The factory inspectorate is quoted as saying that they are aware of the situation which they claim should pose no risk to the public.

The works were stopped on Friday for not being carried out in an approved or satisfactory manner nor by a competent company.

Apparently the roofing sheets do contain white asbestos and those responsible were then ordered to soak them and the debris well on Friday to prevent any further dust from being blown away and dispersed.

The factory inspectorate claim that the sheets and debris, although left in place over the weekend do not now pose any greater risk than when it was in situ as the sheeting is covered with an aluminium layer and this should prevent dispersal.

"Although quite helpful, I was left in no doubt by the Factory Inspectorate that these works were undertaken illegally and it still remains to be seen what a risk assessment will come up with, once this is undertaken," said the complainant.


It was on Frtiday morning when the matter was first reported to the Police, what seemed to be asbestos roofing sheets, having been removed and left in a strewn, exposed and dangerous manner at the Rock Motors showroom in Queensway.

They sent someone to investigate and on subsequently inquiring, the complainant was told that to the attending police officer, obviously not a qualified environmental officer, it seemed like "uralita" and that they were quite happy that it posed no danger.

Uralita itself is a company which although today does not give the word asbestos a mention in its range of products on its website, but has in the past been synonymous as makers of asbestos cement roof sheeting and still continue to do so with their modern Tecum solution - also a light asbestos-cement corrugated sheeting.

"This particular roof must have been fitted quite some time back, prior to there being any environmental concerns and legislation governing the use of this type of materials and prior to the use of modern alternative materials, so it is hard to believe that the roof and its debris poses no health risk," was the view taken by the compainant following what the Police said.

Highlighted were the apparent dangers of exposing passers by and more specifically the opposite Montagu Crescent residents to any dusts being blown into their homes as well as from the strong Easterlies.

The complainant must be congratulated for taking such an interest.