Chief minister and Opposition leader should go on joint ticket to UN

The chief minister and the leader of the opposition should go to the UN on a joint ticket, said Keith Azopardi, leader of the new PDP party, in a first major interview published in PANORAMA today.

"I don?t think that the lack of achievement at UN level is due to Peter Caruana or Joe Bossano; I think that they have done what anyone would do in that situation; they have tried very hard, both of them," he said

He goes on to suggest that" what I would do differently if I were Chief Minister is that I would invite the Leader of the Opposition to become part of the Gibraltar delegation, and go jointly.?

On the local political front, he says: I think there is a groundswell of disillusionment with both political blocs, and I genuinely think we have time to work hard towards our objective and the possibility of winning the next election ? we?re focussed on that.

He is critical of the government's environmental policies and says: "There is little point in having an Environmental Charter on paper if concrete monstrosities are being allowed, if there is little genuine respect for heritage and the planning process is in disarray."

A new style of doing things did not mean that there won?t be genuine differences; but it?s one thing to have genuine differences and respect them, and another thing to become a destructive force, he added

"I think you can accept those differences, be more cooperative and constructive and have a different style of politics. I think that is the big issue, the whole style of the politics/democracy issue; that and the whole issue of giving more democratic accountability to people. At the moment, democracy in Gibraltar means being asked to vote once every four years and I feel there ought to be more safeguards on the powers of Government," he said.