Questions about Cammell Laird

Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Employment, the Environment and Financial Services Fabian Picardo will tackle a number of legal and court related issues at the meeting of the House of Assembly which starts next week.

Mr Picardo will ask Government to state how many pre-sentence and child welfare reports have been prepared in each full month of 2006 to date by Social Services in both the Magistrates and the Supreme Courts. He will also want Government to give a breakdown of the amounts paid so far in this financial year to each law firm (or Barrister) in respect of civil legal assistance and criminal legal aid, giving a breakdown by firm and showing what are legal fees and what are disbursements.

The Opposition Environment spokesman has also tabled a number of questions on Cammell Laird. Mr Picardo will ask the Government to say who will be responsible for paying for cleaning-up the oil spill at Cammell Laird in the month of May this year. On the same subject Mr Picardo will want Government to tell the House what was the size of the oil spill and what type of oil was spilled. He will ask Government to give the dates of the accounts of Cammell Laird upon which the Government made its decision to fund the cost of removal of the grit mountain which that company allowed to accumulate.

Fabian Picardo will also ask for the terms of the undertaking which the Government has obtained from Cammell Laird in writing to the effect that the said company will continue to dispose of grit, and what arrangements have been made by the company for a storage area for grit in order not to have it exposed to the elements.


Also on environmental matters, Mr Picardo will ask the Government to confirm whether employees of Community Projects have been exposed to asbestos in the works undertaken by them at the top level of Wellington Front, what action was taken when the presence of asbestos was detected, what type of asbestos was present, what tests, if any, were carried out on any asbestos found and what protective clothing was provided to the workers involved in the works.

In his capacity as Shadow Minister for Financial Services, Mr Picardo has tabled a series of questions on banking, companies, insurance, and Category 2, 3 and 4 status.