Beware of food poisoning

In 2005,there were nearly 70 reported cases of food poisoning in Gibraltar. Whilst these figures are down on those of a decade ago, many more go unreported and therefore uninvestigated.

National Food Safety Week 2006 is a UK campaign which runs from 12th to 18th June. The Health Promotion Group is taking part in the UK?s 14th National Food Safety Week, and will be raising awareness of food hygiene at the Piazza in the form of an awareness stall on Monday 12th June from 10am to 1pm.

The theme for this year ?s National Food Safety Week is on raising awareness of the 4 Cs for Food Safety: Cleanliness, Cooking, Chilling and Cross-contamination.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your kitchen, equipment and work surfaces clean

  • Cooking: Make sure food is properly cooked before eating

  • Chilling: Keep perishable foods cold until you cook or eat them

  • Cross-contamination: Don ?t let harmful germs spread around your kitchen

Working with local environmental health and health promotion professionals, the campaign aims to show how to keep our food safe from the time it is bought until it is eaten.

The key messages are:
  • Avoid spreading germs

  • Keep food safe

  • Keep raw and cooked foods apart

  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after touching food

  • Control temperatures

  • Keep kitchens clean; and

  • Avoid waiting times between cooking, preparation and eating.