Bullying and alcohol abuse in the House

Shadow Minister for Youth Steven Linares will be raising the issues of bullying and of alcohol abuse during question-time at the meeting of the House of Assembly which opens next week. This will be the second opportunity this year that the Opposition have to quiz the Government on a wide range of issues.

Steven Linares has tabled over 40 questions for the Government to answer, including a number of questions on training in relation to the Construction Training Centre, the Cammell Laird apprenticeship scheme and the Vocational Training Scheme.

Mr Linares will ask the Government whether they agree that bullying is on the increase and is of concern to young people as well as the parents of affected children. He will also want Government to state under what subject and at what age the issue of alcohol abuse is tackled at middle and secondary school level.


In his capacity as Education Spokesman, Mr Linares has tabled a question seeking confirmation from the Government that parents have been asked to pay for student lockers in Bayside School. He will also want to know whether students with a Government grant will have to obtain a loan from the UK student loan system to pay for tuition fees during this or the next academic year.

As Opposition Culture Spokesman, Mr Linares has tabled a series of questions on the Theatre Royal and on the Music Centre at South Barracks Road. He will ask the Government when the next rent review takes place in relation to the land where the Theatre Royal was located and by what percentage the rent is envisaged to increase. He will also ask the Government for a copy of the latest structural report into the Theatre Royal.


In relation to the Music Centre, Mr Linares will ask the Government to state how many meetings have been held with the trustees of the Music Centre to work out its usage. He will ask the Minister for Culture how may times and on what days he has visited the Music Centre in the last five months, and he also wants the Minister to say where persons or groups wanting to make use of the facilities of the Music Centre have to go either for an application or for an allocation.

On a separate matter, he will probe the Government on whether they intend to support the charity Childline and if so how. He has also tabled a range of questions on nursery education in Gibraltar.