'Peace Boat' to visit Gibraltar

Friends of the Earth, Gibraltar confirm that the Japanese-based international 'Peace Boat' will visit Gibraltar in December this year. FoE co-ordinator Lyana Armstrong-Emery met last week with the Boat's international project co-ordinator Ms. Mioko Tokiwa when she made a preliminary visit to the Rock. The meeting followed previous internet contacts between them.

The Peace Boat is essentially a kind of roving ambassador for greater international peace, environmental sustaining, understanding and cultural exchanges between nations. It is affiliated to both Friends of the Earth International and the World Social Forum,. It also has special consultative status with the UN's 'Ecosoc' programme.

The several hundred people on board the vessel are either enthusiastic young activists or older people with a more sedate (but just as committed) approach.Both groups look forward to their visit to Gibraltar very much.

Lyana explained that the Boat will dock in Gibraltar in the week before Christmas and those on board hope to meet as many local people and institutions as possible. In addition of course the visitors hope to enjoy what they look forward to as the 'Gibraltar social and cultural experience'. A number of special activities and events are being organised for the Boat people during their stay.