Catalans want to invite Chief Minister to
Gibraltar conquest celebrations

Catalunya Acció is proposing to Catalan President Artur Mas that the Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo be invited to the official celebrations on September 11th in Barcelona to commemorate the Catalans who participated in the conquest of the actual British Overseas Territory in 1704.

300 years have gone by since the signature of the Treaty of Utrecht, for which Gibraltar came under British sovereignty and Catalonia lost its freedom. "We must not forget that Catalan participation was decisive for the Rock to be British territory. In 1704, a battalion of 350 Catalans commanded by General Basset, conquered the beach now called "Catalan Bay", in remembrance of the act that allowed the landing of the Austracist expedition and the later conquest of Gibraltar," says a press release received from the Catalans.

The statement adds: It is for that reason that this September 11th 2013, counting with the presence of the maximum Gibraltarian authority, it would be the best possible scenario for a patriotic and national homage to those Catalans who heroically collaborated in that Gibraltar became British, as is the majority of Gibraltarians wish to be. We cannot forget that the conquest of Gibraltar in 1704 happened within the political and military conflict that finished with the abolition of the laws and freedoms of Catalonia, that the Catalan government wants to commemorate in 2014.

CatalunyaAccio goes on to say that "Three centuries later, Catalans and Gibraltarians have to suffer Spanish imperial pretensions. They continue saying that our land is theirs and we have no right to decide what we want to be. Exactly like in times of Philip V. After all Gibraltar, thanks to its condition of being a British Overseas Territory, can continue maintaining its actual status in front of vile threats from the Spanish government. This is not the case of Catalonia. We only depend on ourselves and the possible international alliances to be set in the future. The invitation from our government to Fabian Picardo would be, undoubtedly, a good way to start making effective and necessary relationships to achieve the independence of Catalonia."

In the next few days, Catalunya Acció say they will let Mr Mas know this proposal in detail.