Gibraltar student nurses escort the Lamp

For the first time ever, three Gibraltar Student Nurses have been invited toescort the Lamp in the Procession which forms part of the ceremony heldannualy in London?s Westminster Abbey.

This is to pay tribute to FlorenceNightingale. This year students from The University of Sheffield were giventhe honour of escorting the Lamp and because of Gibraltar?s ties with theUniversity, three GHA student nurses; Tara Ferrary, Lynne Oudrassi andClaressa Ford were in the escorting party.

Every year in Westminster Abbey, on a date close to Florence Nightingale?sbirthday (born in Florence) 12 May 1820, a remembrance ceremony is held tocommemorate her life and contribution to the nursing profession. During theservice, the procession of the Lamp takes place, (this is a silver replica of thelamp used by Florence Nightingale whilst nursing the Crimean Wars) it istaken from the Nurse?s Chapel in the Abbey and carried by a senior memberof the Nursing Profession, it is handed from one nurse to another, then to theDean who places it on the High Altar. This signifies the passing of knowledgefrom one nurse to another.

The other Gibraltar student nurses (Maite Calderon, Donna Eate and JennieLobo) also wished to go to Westminster Abbey to support their colleagues andso all set about organizing fund raising events, one of which was a sponsoredwalk up the Rock.

The students and staff of the Department of NurseEducation say they are very grateful for the support that they received from colleaguesin the GHA and members of the public. The student nurses wereaccompanied on the visit to London by two Nurse Lecturers - Dr MargaretWilliams and Ms Christine Hibbert. Dr Karen Norman (Director of Nursing andPatient Services) also attended the service whilst in London to support thestudent nurses

The students also visited the House of Lords as they had been invited toafternoon tea with Baroness Emerton, an eminent nurse and President of theFlorence Nightingale Fund. They also had an opportunity toattend question time in the House of Lords

"Attendance at the events in London was a very proud moment for thestudents and Gibraltar can be proud of their nursing ambassadors who willhave lasting memories of this ?once in a lifetime? experience," said the GHA.