Bossano will stress importance of new Preamble and show how the UK has been playing a double game

The Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano will be addressing the Casino Calpe this evening at their invitation.

The address will consist of a summary of his assessment of the constitutional modernisation reflected in the proposed new constitution, illustrating the significance of the changes by reference to some of the factors that have already been made public such as the disappearance of the Financial Secretary from the House of Assembly.

The talk will also deal with the importance of the additional Preamble to the proposed constitution and its relevance to Gibraltar?s international status.

Mr Bossano will highlight that this has been the Opposition?s stand from 1999 when it agreed to participate in the Select Committee, right through the drafting of the report and meetings that have taken place in London with the UK Government.

In the context of the UK?s position in dealing with this matter, the Opposition will seek to show as has already been said publicly that the British Government has been playing a double-game where its position has been conditioned by the views of the Spanish Government.