La Linea United: No pensions deal until families and widows also get upgraded pensions

The Spanish Government must not sign any pension deal - until the families of dead pensioners and their widows also receive upgraded pensions.

There has been this change in heart in La Linea where everyone now seems united behind this demand.

The mayor of La Linea Juan Carlos Juarez has come out supporting the pensioners association. After the terrible loss of their husbands, the widows are now expected to put up with this injustice, said Juarez.

The Spanish negotiator at the tripartite talks Jose Pons has been telling the pensioners to accept the deal that is now near completion. He is due to visit La Linea today.

Sr Juarez, has meanwhile, flown out to Brussels to talk to officials there about pensions matters.

Others in La Linea are taking the line that the Spanish government must not sign the pensions deal until the question of the families and widows is included.

The Left-wing Izquierda Unida party says it has been a mistake to announce that an agreement was near , and now the question of families and widows are to be left for subsequent negotiations.

This clearly points at a two-tier agreement, one for the pensioners themselves, and a second negotiating process to follow for families and widows.

But everyone is demanding that the present deal should not be signed.