The Govt, the MoD and staffing levels

As we have stated, the fundamental issue at stake in this dispute, is the replacement of jobs at these Government departments. More so, when both Government and the TGWU agreed a minimum manning level agreement in 1998,

Government seems to have two different discourses, one for the MOD and one as an employer of government employees. It rightly accuses the MOD on the closure of the airport of not maintaining staffing levels, but at the same time is not replacing staff at Buildings and Works, a Government department, since 1998. [~The MOD's known * position is contractorisation and job losses, if Government departments also incur in jobs -not being replaced. The future of Public Sector employment could be in the air. It is extremely important that Government should adhere to the minimum manning level agreement. This is regrettably not the case, the Governments press statement last week, indicated not only that they will not abide by the agreement, but that they will not renegotiate the incentive scheme.'Government will be punishing employees at Buildings and Works for having the audacity of holding stoppages and protesting against the Government for the non-compliance of the minimum manning level agreement,"

This position is totally unacceptable and anti-democratic. The TGWU/ACTS will resist this move to demean our member