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Chief Minister and integration

Dear Sir,

It is excellent to note that both the Alliance and the Labour Party have decided to join the ILF and the Integration with Britain movement in accepting integration as the best solution to the, so called, ‘Gibraltar Problem’. (As reported in our local media prior to the recent festivities). 

Although there must be many members of the governing party also backing this solution, I have serious doubts that there chief will join us. Should he do so, it would be the first time that Gibraltar would present a united front politically, this, I think, is too much to hope for. There is no reason whatever that both the new constitution passed by the HA, should not be presented to the British Government together with our request for integration.

I, nevertheless, hope that our CM will consider carefully the idea of integration.

In passing, I think, we should pay tribute to the head of our neighbouring government, who showing the shallowness of their democracy, have set aside the agreement reached between them and the British government because he did not want to have his face rubbed in the mud by our stronger democratic beliefs.


Anthony A. Balloqui

Abundantly clear

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to thank Mr. Maurice Xiberras for making his position on the Brussels Process abundantly clear in his letter to your daily ( Panorama, 23/12/2002 ).

On the Spanish question, the dividing line between the parties in the House of Assembly has become thinner every year, but still contains a vital difference on sovereignty talks. The reasons for this difference, specially the historical one, must be absolutely clear in the minds of our readers and not only shared by those of us, who keep constant watch on proceedings.

As Mr. Xiberras rightly suspects, we are agreed on most things. Yours sincerely,

Emilio Peire


I welcome the Gibraltar Labour Party’s commitment to securing the option of devolved integration. I hope that their commitment to this commonsense policy will encourage others, in all parties, to do the same.

Gibraltar’s incorporation into a UK European parliamentary constituency is a form of integration. We must now go further and allow Gibraltar to elect a Member of the British Parliament. It is intolerable that Gibraltarians still have no elected voice in a whole range of issues that directly affect them. These issues include not only defence, foreign affairs, and internal security, but also acute healthcare, higher education, and many other vital services for which Gibraltarians must come to the UK.

Never again must Gibraltarians be forced to hold a referendum to ask for what most Britons take for granted: that they and their territory remain British. British not just ‘for this Parliament’ or until the failed Brussels Process is reheated, but in their entirety and in perpetuity.

Andrew Rosindell MP 

Tactical withdrawal!

Dear Sir,

With respect, the leaders of the Integration with Britain Party did not take “No for an answer instead of fighting for what they believed in”, as suggested in the report headed ‘Will the UK see sense?’ in your issue 23 Dec 02.

On the contrary, we continued to do so under a new label, the Democratic Party of British Gibraltar and succeeded in making some headway by attaining British Citizenship for the Gibraltarians.

As my good friend and former colleague in the Integration With Britain Party Joe Caruana has rightly pointed out in the process of revitalising ‘Integration’: “A good idea never dies”!

Proof of this assertion is the stark fact that former IWBP leaders, such as Joe Bossano, Maurice Xiberras, others and myself, as well as possibly 70% of the electorate according to one of the latter opinion polls, support integration with Britain as a constitutional form of decolonising Gibraltar.

The demise of Integration with Britain Party was not the death of a political ideal but a tactical withdrawal so as to be able to fight another day! That day has now come! It is now up to the people and the leaders of all parties to unite under the banner, ‘Integration with Britain’ and so more than give a hint to Her Majesty’s Government that this time round Gibraltar will not be divided with a “No for an answer”!

Yours faithfully

Bob Peliza




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