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The TGWU/ACTS wish to add its support to the campaign undertaken by all political parties and organisations, on the future of Gibraltar.

As has been publicly reported the TGWU/ACTS General Secretary Bill Morris has given his support and that of the Union. Furthermore, our Head Office is sending a Senior TG official to Gibraltar to assess the view of the membership, at the request of the District Office Luis Montiel, who has fully informed the TGWU/ACTS in UK of the current events.

Our Union firmly believes that in any talks about the future of Gibraltar, the interested and affected party must be the protagonist and not left on the sidelines, and others deciding over the head of the population any agreement affecting their future.

The Union also supports the work of the select committee of the House of Assembly where both political parties are represented and are seeking concrete proposals to be submitted on the de-colonisation of Gibraltar to the British Government.

The Union is fully conscious of the fact that we are at a crucial moment in the history of Gibraltar. The unity of political, social organisations and pressure groups is of the utmost importance in the current scenario.


PRESS RELEASE No. 202/2001

29 November 2001

Rosia Bay tender

The Government is inviting tenders aimed at the redevelopment of Rosia Bay and the Victualling Yard for mixed commercial purposes (leisure and entertainment) with particular attention being given to the blending of the development with the natural and historic significance of the zone.

The Government has formed a view as to the type of development that it would prefer and the tender documentation is based on that.

The proposed development site comprises two areas of land known as the Victualling Yard and Rosia Mole (including Rosia Bay). The areas are of high historical and heritage value. The redevelopment should focus on the desire that it should emerge as a leisure/entertainment tourist asset. It envisages the area to be used for commercial entertainment and for maritime activities.

The deadline for receipt of tenders is Friday the 18th January 2002.

The Minister for Trade and Industry, Keith Azopardi, has said "Government is very eager to redevelop this site as a leisure and entertainment facility in the context of its natural and historical heritage. We have formed a view on how this could be best put forward and this is contained in the tender documentation.

We think a development of this sort will complement the facilities available to tourists and the people of Gibraltar alike. It is always important to sensitively develop these key areas because of their importance to our community".

PRESS RELEASE No. 199/2001

Date: 26th November 2001

The Chief Minister Peter Caruana flew to London over the weekend to appear live on Sky News "Sunday with Adam Boulton". Whilst at the Sky Studios, the Chief Minister met Mr Bill Morris. General Secretary of the TGWU. The two discussed the current situation relating to Anglo/Spanish talks. Mr Bill Morris pledged TGWU support in the UK and said that he was sending a senior officer to Gibraltar to assess the memberships views on these matters.

The Chief Minister remains in London this week during which he will undertake an extensive heavy schedule of engagements.

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister meets during the day with a number of prominent MPs. In the evening he will formally address and meet with the cross party Gibraltar Group of MPs at the House of Commons. Later the Chief Minister will also address the UK Foreign Press Association at a dinner which will be also attended by the UK national press

On Wednesday morning the Chief Minister records a political discussion programme for ITN Channel Four News. The Chief Minister will also be having a meeting with two eminent QCs. He will also hold a meeting with Liberal Party Leader, Charles Kennedy.

During the afternoon the Chief Minister will give formal evidence for one hour to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. He will be followed by Mr Peter Hain. This evidence session will be televised both by BBC Parliament and GBC. 

On Thursday morning the Chief Minister will be giving a series of individual briefings to the political correspondents of UK newspapers. During the afternoon the Chief Minister will record a thirty minute interview for the BBC "Hard Talk" programme with presenter, Tim Sebastian.

The Chief Minister returns to Gibraltar on Friday.



26 November 2001

The Opposition Members in the Select Committee raised on Friday the question of writing to the UN to formally engage them in the process of achieving a Constitution which meets UN criteria to be acceptable as non-colonial.

This question was raised originally at the first meeting of the Select Committee in 1999 and the Government side agreed then to consider the matter. At the second meeting towards the end of 1999, the Government confirmed that it would be taking a decision and producing a draft reply to transmit to the UN.

Regrettably, this has not yet happened, although it has been raised on a number of occasions since then. Last Friday, a draft reply was again promised. Now that the Committee is about to complete the text of the new Constitution, the Opposition believes that it is very important to bring the UN into the picture and that this last opportunity should not be missed.

This is especially so since Sr Pique has recently revealed that he has written to the UN Secretary General to inform him of the relaunched Brussels talks, which clearly are being promoted as the only avenue for our country's decolonisation. The Opposition considers that there is a very real danger that the UK and Spain will attempt to remove us from the UN list of non self-government territories after the summer, when they sign the proposed Anglo-Spanish deal settling Gibraltar's future. The argument would be that the negotiating process recommended by the annual consensus resolutions to settle all the differences between the two countries and find a permanent solution to the Gibraltar question, would have been completed by the agreement proposed for this summer. Such a development would seriously undermine our case for self-determination.

In the same context, Mr Caruana has also been asked to write on behalf of the joint committee as its Chairman to the Foreign Secretary, rejecting the position he has proposed publicly, of submitting our committee's constitutional proposals through the Brussels process for negotiation with Spain. The Opposition has asked that the Foreign Secretary should be told that Gibraltar's new Constitution is a matter for us and the UK alone and that he is not free to discuss our ideas with Spain, much less to seek Spain's consent or agreement.

PRESS RELEASE No. 198/2001

26 November 2001

The Government rejects the statements by the SDGG and the Voice of Gibraltar Group that they will press the Select Committee of the House of Assembly to accelerate completion of its work, and for that purpose plan to demonstrate during the Committee's scheduled meeting on 3 December.

The speed with which the Committee does its work is a matter for its members. It is not for the SDGG or Voice of Gibraltar, to dictate to the House of Assembly the pace or manner at which it does its work. The Government will not permit this to happen, nor will the Government agree to hold meetings of the Select Committee under attempted pressure of demonstration whilst it sits doing its work.

Speaking from London, Chief Minister Peter Caruana said:-

l am surprised at the latest statement from the SDGG and Voice of Gibraltar Group. This is not their proper role. These issues are simply too important to be dealt with in this manner. The Committee will complete its work in the manner and speed decided by the Committee in its judgement of what is best in Gibraltar's interests. Similarly what occurs after the Committee has submitted its report to the full House of Assembly is a matter for the House and for the Government".

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